By knowing your body and knowing the symptoms of OVARIAN CANCER you are taking the first step to prevention.

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We Fight Like A Girl's Mission

We Fight Like A Girl's mission is to help raise funds for ovarian cancer research, increase awareness, and eradicate ovarian cancer by exposing women, their family members, and physicians to early detection, methods of prevention, and support of ovarian cancer patients. Through annual events, educational programs, and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase ovarian cancer awareness so everyone is better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

We Fight Like A Girl is a unique campaign that develops a new approach and positive style of communication about ovarian cancer. The campaign is meant to encourage women and those that love them to pay attention to the messages of their bodies, understand the words ovarian cancer isn't an automatic “death sentence”, and to educate women and those who love them what the early signs are – so they don't wait until the cancer is in late stages.

We Fight Like A Girl t-shirts, pins, koozies, bracelets, and other merchandise acts as awareness-raising tools, allowing people to engage in and begin talking about a subject that is relatively unknown, sometimes scary, and often taboo and making it a positive, upbeat, and encouraging message.

We Fight Like A Girl is aware and that people want to be activists, and helps by giving them tools and information, resources, and ways to increase awareness. It takes a uniquely strong, motivated, and well-informed person to participate in.

We Fight Like A Girl, someone eager and able to engage in conversation, creatively spread the message, and willing to speak frankly about what ovarian cancer is and what it isn't. The campaign allows everyone impacted by ovarian cancer a chance to express their inner feelings, make connections with others, and learn coping strategies that can be helpful to them and their loved ones.

We Fight like a Girl is aware that when ovarian cancer strikes a woman, many people are impacted. Awareness ribbons might not resonate with everyone as passionately other awareness opportunities. So we're creating other items that can be used to open the opportunity to speak up and about ovarian cancer.

We Fight Like A Girl is spreading the message about how important it is to appreciate, respect, pay attention to, and love your body and yourself. Many women develop a negative attitude towards their body and put so much energy into criticizing it or wishing it were somehow different, they miss the subtle messages that something isn't quite right.

We Fight Like A Girl seeks to break down the shame so deeply rooted in women and their body image and help women realize their body is an amazingly important and beautiful part of who they are. Knowledge is power, awareness helps us take action and information allows us to make better choices.

By knowing your body and knowing symptoms of ovarian cancer you are taking the first step to prevention.

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